Is Carnival’s Faster to the Fun Worth the Money?

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Planning a cruise on Carnival and heard about Faster to the Fun (FTTF)?  Wondering what perks you get and will it be worth it to you?  While I can’t tell you what it’s worth to you, I CAN tell you what’s included so you can make an informed decision.  That’s what friends do right?

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What is Faster to the Fun?

Faster to the Fun is a program offered by Carnival Cruise Lines as an add-on that gives you certain perks.  You pay a little extra to recieve the benefits, but it’s completely optional.

What are the FTTF Benefits?

  • Priority Security, Check-in and Boarding – There’s a separate line designated for those with priority boarding and it usually moves a lot faster than the regular line.  You will board right after VIFP Diamond, Platinum and guests traveling in deluxe suite accommodations.
  • First Access to Your Stateroom – Can I tell you that this is worth it for me?  Being able to go to my room and drop my bags before going to Lido for  lunch is EVERYTHING!!!  Okay, let me give you the formal description: Your stateroom will be ready as soon as you board.  Now back to me.  Since I have learned how to do 7-day cruises with #NoCheckedBags, this means I can unpack, eat and nap all before muster drill!
  • Priority Luggage – Your luggage will receive priority delivery.  Even if you aren’t part of the #NoCheckedBag crew, you can still get your luggage early.  Prior to being Platinum and doing carryon only, I used to receive my luggage early enough to unpack before Muster.
  • Guest Services – You’ll have a dedicated line and phone extension to handle any questions or concerns.  If you’ve ever had to stand in the long lines at Guest Services, this will be a welcome perk.
  • Dining Reservations – Priority assignment in the Main dining Room and Specialty Restaurant Reservations.  This actually works.  I’ve been assigned a dining time that I didn’t want.  I emailed the Maitre D and low and behold I got the time I wanted!
  • Water Shuttle Priority – You’ll have priority water shuttle from ship to shore.  Just go to Guest Services and they will escort you down to ensure you’re on the next shuttle.  This does not apply to shore to ship shuttles.
  • Debarkation Choices – You can choose early or late debarkation when you arrive back at your home port.  Normally, you’re assigned a group for debarkation.  It’s nice to have the option depending on your travel plans.

You’re thinking to yourself: All of this sounds great Ola, but how much does it cost?  Below is the Carnival pricing for 2020.


Prices Starting From Per Stateroom

2020 Cruises

$39.95 USD

2 day cruises

$39.95 USD

3 day cruises (excluding Carnival Liberty)

$59.95 USD

3 day cruises on Carnival Liberty

$49.95 USD

4 day cruises on Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Sensation

$59.95 USD

4 day cruises Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Conquest

$69.95 USD

4 day cruises on Carnival Elation, Carnival Dream, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Valor and Carnival Vista

$59.95 USD

5 day cruises on Carnival Sensation

$79.95 USD

5 day cruises (excluding Carnival Sensation)

$89.95 USD

6 day cruises (excluding Carnival Horizon and Carnival Panorama)

$109.95 USD

6 day cruises on Carnival Horizon and Carnival Panorama

$89.95 USD

7 day cruises (excluding Carnival Horizon and Carnival Panorama)

$109.95 USD

7 day cruises on Carnival Horizon and Carnival Panorama

$99.95 USD

8 day and longer cruises (excluding Carnival Journeys departures and Carnival Horizon)

$119.95 USD

8 day cruises on Carnival Horizon

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A few things to note:

  • You can purchase FTTF on the shore excursions page under your home port.
  • FTTF is not offered on Carnival Journeys and Europe Cruises.
  • FTTF is not offered in the following home ports: Honolulu, Norfolk, Vancouver, San Diego and San Francisco.
  • The price is per stateroom, not per person.
  • If you’re doing a B2B you’ll need to purchase FTTF for each cruise.
  • You can only purchase FTTF prior to the cruise; ala carte services cannot be purchased on board.
  • Because VIFP Diamond and Platinum guests have these perks included as a benefit, the availability of FTTF is capacity controlled based on the number of VIFP Diamond and Platnum members sailing.
  • If you complete your online check-in prior to purchasing FTTF, you’ll need to reprint your boarding pass and luggage tags in order to have the FTTF stamp on your documents.
  • You’ll still need to choose an Arrival Appointment during online check-in.  [Although you have to do this, you are not bound to it since you have priority boarding.  However, if the time you want is not available, please choose the next closest time to when you plan to arrive.]

Still have questions?  Check out Carnival’s FAQs

Have you had Faster to the Fun?  Was it worth it?  Share below.

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25 thoughts on “Is Carnival’s Faster to the Fun Worth the Money?

  1. I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise so I’ve never heard of Faster to the Fun. It sounds great and like it really offers a lot of perks and convenience. As a newbie cruiser, I would never have known about FTTF so I’m really glad you provided this great information. I would love the priority dining assignment. Thanks!

  2. SweetandSimpleLife – San Diego – I'm a Lifestyle Blogger and mother of two living in sunny San Diego. My mission is to help mothers (and their families) live a beautifully simple life, choosing natural and intentional living instead of just existing. I promote brands and companies that encourage hard work, family-friendly travel, sipping on whiskey, and striving for minimalism. If you can't find me here, you can find me on the beach!
    Cate Rosales on said:

    When the chaos of the world calms down, I’m going on a cruise, you’ve convinced me haha! Love your blog.

    • I love FTTF, especially while traveling a child. I like to have access to my stateroom as soon as I board and to have a dedicated customer service line. It’s awesome.

  3. I generally don’t cruise on Carnival but this is a great and I will keep this in mind if I do.

  4. Really good information – I think I’d be all for it thanks to what you’ve outlined as the benefits!

  5. This would be so useful just to access my stateroom right away. So good to know this is an option!

  6. Faster to fun seems like a great added service. I’ve never cruised before, but would definitely look at adding this!

  7. now is the time to read things and plan for when the cruising world opens up again. Thank you for the article

  8. I have never been on a cruise, but it’s definitely on my travel bucket list. I’m thinking a cruise would be a great way to see Alaska. I’ve never heard of Faster to the Fun, but it’s definitely something I’ll be looking into once we start planning our cruise. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This sounds like a great option! I’ve never done a cruise, but now I know to look for services like this when I book. It’s great to know that I can get some priority perks!

  10. I’ve never cruised Carnival, but this looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hera – I'm a Travoodie, lover of travel and a bonafide foodie. I blog about luxury travel and Michelin dining experiences. I travel with my hubs, we inspire others to transform their lives through purposeful travel & fine foods to self-discover and fulfill personal aspirations. Discover Travoodie Life at
    Hera on said:

    I’ve always found paying a little extra is worth saving my time. I love VIP services and easy access to whatever I’m doing.

  12. Missy Forever Sabbatical – USA – We’re Hunter and Missy, from the USA. We travel for months at a time as a couple, learning about new places and activities, while creating amazing memories. We are couple travel bloggers that share travel features via blog, photos, and video.
    Missy on said:

    I did not know about Faster to the Fun. It sounds like it is worth it.

  13. I love cruises and this sounds awesome to save some time just waiting around. I hate long lines, so this sounds worth it to me!

  14. Coach Melanie K – I went from suffering from chronic inflammation to fit and entering the fitness industry. Now a fitness and nutritional coach. I am here to inspire others get well, fit, healthy and pain free!
    Melanie Kis on said:

    I’ve been on a cruise once and I think I will have to go again for a new experience. Thanks for the info!

  15. In The Olive Groves – United States – I'm a lifestyle and travel blogger who loves exploring new places around the world.
    Leeanne on said:

    I’ll have to remember this when I finally get to go cruising.

  16. Having never been on a cruise, I’ve never heard of this! It seems like it could be well worth the extra cost!

  17. This looks like a great worthwhile add-in! Definitely going to look for this the next time I book a cruise with them!

  18. FTTF sounds like a great option when cruising. I’ll have to check it out if we ever get the opportunity to take a cruise. Thank you for the low down!

  19. Carnival’s Faster to the Fun sounds like it would be worth the money. I will keep this in mind for sure! Thanks for the information.

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