5 Amazing Tips That Could Help You Cruise Safer

Booking a cruise is a wonderful option if you’re looking for an all-inclusive vacation choice. The purchase price includes most of the food and entertainment. When you step foot on a cruise ship, it’s like you’re stepping into your own floating city.

Before you sail, it’s important to brush up on the best ways to stay safe on the ship.… Read the rest “5 Amazing Tips That Could Help You Cruise Safer”

When is the Best or Cheapest Time to Fly?

For most people, the best time to fly is whenever they prefer. However, if you have a limited budget, your preferences may be unable to dictate when you travel. Instead, you may need to find the best deals. So, when is it cheapest to fly?

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Grieving the Loss of a Loved One on a Grief Cruise

Losing someone close to you can be hard and everyone deals with grief in their own way. Who would think that a grief cruise would be a wonderful healing balm during a difficult time? It was for my mom and me.

My Mom and I on the Carnival Miracle – 2014
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Meet the New Cruise Ships of 2021

Cruising an ocean liner is generally a great experience no matter the age of the ship.  Some people even prefer older ships because they like the layout and features better.  But just like a new car, it’s exciting to cruise on a new ship.  You won’t be short on choices as several major cruise lines have scheduled maiden voyages for their new cruise ships in 2021.Read the rest “Meet the New Cruise Ships of 2021”

Cruise Line Apps That Improve Your Cruise Experience

Technology has made traveling a lot easier.  Beginning with navigation apps to travel organizer apps, you can now do pretty much all of your travel planning on your phone.  More recently, cruise lines have created travel apps to help their customers do a variety of things from chatting with other cruisers to making reservations.  Keep reading for a list of cruise lines with available mobile apps and what you can do with them before and during your cruise.… Read the rest “Cruise Line Apps That Improve Your Cruise Experience”