5 Best Cruises for Kids

Remember watching the Love Boat on TV? How often did you see children? Hardly ever, right? Back in the day, cruises were thought to be for wealthy adults, and there were no cruises for kids. So it used to be a battle to find ships that were accommodating to them. Now, the problem is sorting through the abundance of kid’s activities, kids clubs, and family cabins to figure out which ships are best for your children.… Read the rest “5 Best Cruises for Kids”

Want to Know About Carnival Cruise Lines? Here’s a Brief Introduction

One of the most popular cruise lines is Carnival Cruise Lines. They offer one of the most enjoyable floating resorts available on cruise ship vacations today. Carnival has Fun Ships, a floating resort full of fun activities that everyone, no matter how old, can enjoy.

Carnival Cruise Line Cruise ship
Cruise ship anchored off of an island in the Caribbean
Read the rest “Want to Know About Carnival Cruise Lines? Here’s a Brief Introduction”

Cruise Line Apps That Improve Your Cruise Experience

Technology has made traveling a lot easier.  Beginning with navigation apps to travel organizer apps, you can now do pretty much all of your travel planning on your phone.  More recently, cruise lines have created travel apps to help their customers do a variety of things from chatting with other cruisers to making reservations.  Keep reading for a list of cruise lines with available mobile apps and what you can do with them before and during your cruise.… Read the rest “Cruise Line Apps That Improve Your Cruise Experience”

10 Sunsets That Will Make You Want To Cruise Right Now

Your Cruise Girl here.  As a cruise addict extraordinaire, I don’t need any inspiration to book a cruise.  I will cruise as often as my PTO and bank account will allow. 🀣