Oceania Club’s Cruise Loyalty Program At-A-Glance

After your first trip, you will be automatically registered in Oceania Cruises’ multi-tiered Oceania Club loyalty program for previous passengers. Members get credits for the length of each voyage and progress through the tiers based on the overall amount of credits gained.

Photo of Oceania cruise ship with Oceania club loyalty cards.

The Disney Castaway Club Loyalty Program At-A-Glance

Disney’s multi-tiered loyalty program for past passengers is known as Castaway Club. It only has three levels based on the number of cruises taken, and it doesn’t have as many perks as many of the other cruise lines. However, if you are a Disney fan, you will benefit from the additional benefits.

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The Norwegian Latitudes Rewards Loyalty Program At-A-Glance

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Latitudes Rewards program is a six-tier cruise loyalty program available to all passengers after their first sailing. The program is based on a point system, with members earning one point for each cruise night spent on a Norwegian ship. Extra points are also available for suite or Haven bookings, as well as sailings booked through a Latitudes insider offer.… Read the rest “The Norwegian Latitudes Rewards Loyalty Program At-A-Glance”

The MSC Voyagers Club Loyalty Program At-A-Glance

The MSC Voyagers Club is MSC Cruises’ five-tier program open to all cruisers. Members earn points based on which cruise “experience” they book combined with the length of the cruise. In addition, passengers earn an additional 100 points for every $150 spent on pre-booked onboard extras — such as spa treatments and shore excursions — as well as onboard purchases.… Read the rest “The MSC Voyagers Club Loyalty Program At-A-Glance”