Top 5 Travel Apps Every Cruiser Needs

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As someone who is always looking at travel, I have a few go-to apps that are essential to planning a great cruise.  Continue reading to see my top picks.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is the app I use to get reviews on hotels, restaurants, and things to do.  The reviews have the same kind of honesty you expect from reviews.  If it’s my first time cruising from a particular port, I go to Trip Advisor to read reviews and get an idea of where I should stay.  The reviews on things to do in the area are also really helpful if you plan to turn-up before embarkation!  Trip Advisor is available for iOS and Android.



Tripit is the ultimate travel organizer app.  I can just forward all my travel plans to the app ([email protected]) and it will create a detailed itinerary based on the confirmations you send.  It even works with cruise itineraries – it’ll list all your port days and their locations!


It even knows what’s missing from your itinerary – you have a hotel, but no flight.  Or vice versa.  I use the Pro version of the app to get a few more features like real-time flight alerts and rewards points tracking.  Tripit is available for iOS and Android.



Waze is the app I use for road trips.  I have an iPhone and my Maps app works just fine, but Waze gives me just that little bit extra.  It provides the standard GPS support with turn-by-turn directions, but it’s community-driven.  That means if someone has traveled this road and saw a State Trooper laying in wait at mile marker 22, Waze will tell you that.  When driving to the port, this will be a lifesaver.  If there is an accident that will cause a significant delay, Waze will reroute you to avoid it and keep you moving towards your destination.  Waze is available for iOS and Android. Waze also works with CarPlay.

Your Favorite Hotel App

I always recommend getting to your departure port the day before your cruise (Murphy’s Law and all).  If you follow my advice, you’ll need a hotel for your overnight stay.  Nowadays, hotels offer the same or better price if you book directly through them.  You can download any through your mobile device app store.

Cruise Line App

Most cruise lines have apps that offer a variety of things you can do with the app before and during your cruise.


  • Share your cruise countdown with friends
  • Purchase excursions, drink packages, spa treatments, etc.
  • Check-in and prepare your boarding documents.

Once on board:

  • Daily ship activity schedule
  • Deck plans
  • Onboard expense account
  • Dining and show reservations
  • Group chat with other guests on the same cruise

*App features may vary by cruise line and ship.

If your favorite cruise line doesn’t have an app, they may have an online portal like Princess.  They have [email protected] which is an online portal instead of an app that you access once onboard.

I am often multitasking by watching TV and researching or planning my next trip on my iPad.  I don’t have to sit in front of my computer anymore and can plan on the go.  These apps help me do that.  What apps are a must-have for you when planning travel?

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20 thoughts on “Top 5 Travel Apps Every Cruiser Needs

  1. Love this! I didn’t even know some of these existed. I’ll definitely be using TripIt next time I travel!

    1. I couldn’t imagine travel planning without it!

  2. Waze & Trip Advisor are two of my go to apps for travel. I’m checking out TripIt for my next adventure!

    1. Tripit makes it super easy for me to keep things organized.

  3. Love WAZE for road trips and we always use the Disney Cruise Line app when cruising with them. So much easier to keep track of activities!!

    1. I love the cruise line app just for the activities! The Carnival app will remind you so you don’t miss something you wanted to see. Love that!

  4. This is great! I think I’ll try Waze next….it sounds like an app that would be quite helpful! Thank you!

    1. Waze is great! It saved me at least an hour by taking me around an accident on the highway on my last trip. I won’t travel without it!

  5. I love my hotel apps – I am often looking for a room as we are traveling!

    1. The type-A in me wouldn’t allow me to live that dangerously! But I bet you find some great deals!

  6. It’s amazing that everything has an app now – even cruise lines! It’s amazing how helpful they can be.

    1. They make life so easy! I remember getting cruise documents in the mail. Now, they’re in the app!

  7. I’ve never been on a cruise before but would love to go someday. Thanks for the great recommendations. I do use Trip Advisor, but have never used the App before.

  8. Apps are the best. What did we do before them? Thank you for sharing these recommendations, very helpful.

  9. Apps are the best. What did we do before them? Thank you for sharing these recommendations, very helpful.

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